Serge Znu
CEO & Founder

Serge is a diversity founder(refugee-immigrant), passionate entrepreneur, maker, coder, published author since 18 y.o. His latest book "How to Rule the World. 5 things you need to build a trillion-dollar business" is the inspiration behind this company! Hacker and big ideas generator, in his spare time he loves fishing in the Pacific. Came from a family of home builders, with his career in IT for Mortgage industry.  

Chief Robotic Officer
Chief Robotics Officer

Entrepreneur and a seasoned veteran in the robotics industry with robotics contracts with the Ukrainian Military.

Chief 3D printing Officer

Vlad is the magician behind our high-rise 3D printing technology. 

Chief Robotic Officer
Open Position
Chief Architect/Stuctural Engineer

Apply directly via CEO's LinkedIn page.


COVID-19 drastically escalated the process of re-unification of four fundamental pillars of humanity. Each of those is represented by the corners of the diamond shape. Left side represents the past, middle represents the present and the right side represents the not so distant future. Join our team of 18 people to help us build that future! Why? Because we want to help 1 billion people to get access to affordable housing! Why? Because everyone needs to feel at home on our beautiful blue planet!

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